Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255Optum Member Crisis Line: 1-855-202-0973
Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line | Family Support Line: 1-208-433-8845

What is YES (Youth Empowerment Services):

Learn more about the services available to Idaho youth under the age of 18 with mental, behavioral, or emotional issues which limit their ability to participate in family, school or community activities.

Getting Started with YES

Your financial situation will not prevent your child(ren) from using the YES system of care. YES agencies accept Medicaid as well as private insurance and everything in-between.

Navigating YES

After you qualified for YES, then what? Providers of YES services include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical professionals, and paraprofessionals. Some may operate in private practices while others work with agencies or with government.

History of YES:

Explore resources on the history of YES and the current developments. Learn about partners which include government representatives such as Child Welfare, Developmental Disabilities, the Department of Juvenile Correction and of course the community representatives such as parents, youth, and providers.

Use Your Voice:

Idaho Federation of Families invites you to make a difference in the YES system. Get involved in making a difference!