Each year old policies are changed and many new are developed which may affect your child and family. We encourage you to get involved in the policy and legislative process and suggest some of the following ways:

  • Attending Regional Mental Health Board meetings
  • Signing up for the Partners In Crisis newsletter by emailing kgarrettidaho@aol.com
  • Watching the Idaho Federation of Families monthly NewsBlasts
  • “Liking Us” on Facebook

We believe that taking stands on appropriate policy matters, and promoting those positions, are important ways in which we serve our constituents and our cause. We must not only serve our communities, we must advocate for our communities. We will use our voice strategically and thoughtfully. The following outlines the principles by which we will consider taking policy stands, and a process to follow when making such a decision.

* Only the board of directors, by a majority vote, can decide on an official policy stand by the Idaho Federation of Families.

* Suggestions for taking a policy stand can come from anyone. These suggestions should be sent in writing to the President of the board and to the Executive Director.

* The President and the Executive Director will bring the suggestion to the board for discussion.

* The criteria used by the board will be based on the following. We will consider taking an organizational stand if all of the below are the case:

  • The issue directly or indirectly affects our constituents and our organization.
  • The issue draws on our expertise and knowledge as an organization.
  • Along with the policy stand, we develop a realistic plan for how to communicate our stand to the appropriate people and what we will do to implement the stand (our role).

* Letters to officials, letters to editors and open letters to the public on this stand will be signed by the President of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.

* Public policy stands will be posted on our website.

* Public policy stands expire after one year from adoption unless the board acts to extend the period.

* If we foresee that public policy stands will use significant time or financial resources, or if this is an election season, we will consult with an attorney to be sure we are in compliance with regulations.

Adopted 10/2008