Our vision is to maximize the potential of children, youth, and their families for full involvement and inclusion in their community.

Our Purpose

The Idaho Federation of Families works to develop a coalition of groups and individuals to educate policy makers, professional organizations, legislators, educators, and the public about the needs of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges and their families. Fundamental to the Idaho Federation of Families is a focus on family participation and support. We believe that policies, legislation, funding and service systems must utilize the strengths of families by:

  • Ensuring that families are equal partners in the planning and implementation of services.
  • Viewing the child as a whole person rather than emphasizing the disability.
  • Empowering families and children to make decisions about their lives.
  • Encouraging innovative programming that increases options for service.

We Believe...

  • That children and youth with emotional, behavioral or mental disorders.
  • Have unique needs that require unique services.
  • Must be respected for their rights, preferences, values, strengths, cultural and racial backgrounds.
  • Are entitled to full citizenship in their communities.
  • Belong with, and make positive contributions to, their families.
  • Must receive the support necessary to remain with their families.

Our History

Families of children in Idaho with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges identified a need for a statewide family organization in order to find ways to make their voices heard and have their families’ needs met. The Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Inc. was incorporated July 1, 1999 to provide an opportunity for families to work with all groups and individuals who wish to improve the future of children.

Our Mission

To provide leadership in the field of children’s mental health by providing support and advocacy to all families to ensure the rights to community-based services for all children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders and their families.